About Us

So you have broken electronics. Now what? Well, nowadays, most things are designed to be "disposable". Seems it's easier to throw it away than to fix it. Well, that's not always true! In fact, far too many of us have electronic equipment we've had for years and has worked great....until. That's why we're here!

With over 30 years of component level electronics design and repair experience, you can be confident that we know and understand electronics. At Peak City Electronics, we repair all brands of Pro Audio and sound reinforcement equipment. From mixing boards to power amps. Powered speaker systems to light dimmer packs. We fix it all.

We also repair guitar and bass amplifiers as well as other instrument amplifiers. We are musicians with a clear understanding of how unique your sound is and how important that is. We also design, build and repair guitar effect pedals. We will even help you bring your pedal ideas to reality.

We also repair a wide variety of consumer electronics. Home stereos, entertainment systems, flat screen tv's, computers. There isn't much we don't work on.

Peak City is also your home for vintage electronic repair and restoration. We LOVE vintage pieces and reviving that special heirloom or collector's item back to life is one of our passions.

Whether it's tubes, solid state, hybrid, we know it! So before you throw it away, contact us! We might be able to repair it for less than you can replace it.