Welcome to Peak City Electronics!

YOUR Home for Quality, Affordable Electronic Repair!

Welcome to Peak City Electronics

Providing affordable, quality electronic repair of a wide variety of electronics such as home stereos, video game consoles, computers, pro audio, home entertainment systems, instrument amplifiers and effects. Serving the Triangle, Peak City fixes everything from touring PA systems to laptop computers, blown speakers, vintage electronics and more!

Quality through Education, Knowledge and Experience

Backed by 36 years for repair experience, the repair folks here aren't simply "repair technicians". We pride ourselves on being "Repair Engineers"! 

We are always training on the latest technologies and continue to reinforce "the basics" through continuing education and manufacturer workshops and technical classes.

We work on ALL Brands

We will repair just about anything that has a plug. Because we accept and work on any brand, we have chosen not to be a dedicated "Authorized Repair Center" for specific brands as this would severely limit our service offering. 

This doesn't mean we don't know electronics. The chances are excellent we have seen your product before and can quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your item.

About Peak City Electronics

Peak City Electronics provides premium electronic repair services for: pro audio, home stereos, vintage electronics, microphone repair and so much more!

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